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"Dr. Bill saved my life! I was about to be killed by an acute angle, and he operated quickly and decisively and extracted the hypotenuse thus collapsing it into a line!"
-Dr. Bill's friend

William Pezzaglia, PhD. Testimonials

As an adult returning student with dyslexia, I have unique challenges, and have had difficulties in the past learning in the standard school environment. The way I function is very visual and spatial. Dr. Bill answered my needs by creating a visual tutoring style which uses my strengths to help me master and truly understand the complex math concepts.
Dr. Bill has a deep understanding and knowledge of astrophysics and math, and an enthusiasm about the subjects that makes learning fun. But, what I value the most is his flexibility. He has the experience and ability to teach and communicate on any level and in any way that's the best for a student.

Music and math go togetherHe did a terrific job instructing my son, this past summer. In particular, Dr. Bill put M. back on track with respect to science after a bad learning experience in a chemistry class. Thank you for making possible a physics course with wonderful instruction; M. enjoyed the class immensely.
From my experience as a parent, only knowledgeable teachers truly interested in teaching and with enthusiasm for a subject area go beyond what is required, especially for a summer school class.
We both feel incredibly lucky that M. had Dr. Bill as his physics instructor. My son is applying to some of the most competitive universities in this country, and Dr. Bill's instruction has made it much easier for my son to pursue a childhood dream on becoming an engineer.
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