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"Dr. Bill saved my life! I was about to be killed by an acute angle, and he operated quickly and decisively and extracted the hypotenuse thus collapsing it into a line!"
-Dr. Bill's friend

"Dr. Bill" Pezzaglia is a scientist and a college professor with a Ph.D. in Physics.

William Pezzaglia, PhD.

2021: Due to a heavy teaching load right now, I'm not taking any new tutoring clients

Science tutoring by Dr. Bill - math, physics, astronomy & more.

Math • Physics • Chemistry • Astronomy

Science is NOT a dead set of old, dusty rules. Unfortunately, it’s often taught that way. No wonder students have trouble connecting to the subject!

Physics is all around us – it holds you in your chair right now. Chemistry happens when you breathe. Math tunes the strings of the guitar your child might be playing.

Every student is unique. What’s almost impossible to grasp in a language of learning that’s foreign to a child, comes easy in a dialect that’s more natural to her or him.

When we make the fundamentals of physical science a personal experience for a student, he or she looks forward to learning. Tutoring provides the one-on-one experience in which your child’s individual needs can be met.

Is your otherwise creative child having problems in science or math classes?

An experienced tutor can provide the challenge, enthusiasm and the learning style diagnosing he or she needs. I teach science as a living subject - being a practicing physicist in addition to an educator, I create science! I have over 20 years of educational and tutoring experience, and am able to create the learning environment that matches your gifted child’s special learning needs.

Getting ready for the SAT?

Getting a right answer during a stressful test is much harder if all your child has is a mountain of dry information out of a book. I can help organize that knowledge in a way that makes sense, pinpoint the fundamentals and help your child unlearn the preconceptions, as well as learn in a way that “sticks” forever.

Anxious about going to college?

I teach college, and have had experience teaching at all age levels through K12. With the current California educational disaster, you’re wise to consider additional tutoring to help your child get into a good college. Freshman students that come to my classroom often lack the fundamentals of math and physics as well as the basic learning skills. I know what your child needs, and can help make that transition a success.

Does your child have a learning disability or another challenge?

For every disability there is usually some other compensating mechanism that works well. The magic of learning starts by discovering your child’s strengths and the unique way in which he or she best relates to the subject. I’ve taught math and physics to students with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and Dyslexia, and astronomy to a student who was blind. One of the pleasures of one-on-one tutoring comes from the fact that every person is unique, and requires a unique way of looking at the science I teach – for me as well as the student.
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